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Aspirations can become achievements through unique forms of self acceptance. YOUR NEXT VICTORY STARTS HERE with lots of positivity, cheerleading, fun and smiles!


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YOUR NEXT VICTORY STARTS HERE! Together we'll discover who's really inside, what you're passionate about and how we can turn your aspirations into achievements!

My Story:

First, I was a child actor in New York City appearing most notably on Blue's Clues twice and on SNL.

I then re-invented myself at 14 years old and started a business photographing weddings and portraits on Martha’s Vineyard.

In August of 2013, less than a month after turning 18, I got engaged to a talented, smart and wonderful man. We moved to New York City a year later. Six months after that, we broke up. 

The heartbreak was devastating. However, I knew it must have happened for a reason. I moved back in with my family, and dedicated my time to healing. I transformed. I used my setback to learn and grow. I found a passion for writing and creating happiness for myself and those around me. Best of all, amazing opportunities began presenting themselves simply because I was living in the present moment.